Hollywood actors undergo transformations for roles all the time but it is unusual that they end up looking exactly like British TV presenters afterwards. 

Vince Vaughn shaved his head for his new role in Brawl on Cell Block 99 (hopefully just a working title) and the Wedding Crashers star looks almost unrecognisable. 

Apart from the shock at Vaughn's transformation, it appears most Twitter users can't get over his resemblance to Masterchef presenter, Gregg Wallace. 

The resemblance is uncanny.

As we already mentioned, Vaughn's new look is for Brawl on Cell Block 99 which will see him play a former boxer who loses both his job and his marriage and falls into prison after getting caught smuggling drugs. Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter will co-star.

Vaughan is also set to appear in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge which has been winning rave reviews in Venice

Via Digital Spy