Marriage proposals are becoming increasingly elaborate and creative.

You’ve got to feel bad for the person trying to figure out a unique way to ask their other half to spend the rest of their life with them in a way they won’t forget (and can brag about to their friends later).

Well one Ashley Farrell, a farmer based in Fivemiletown, Tyrone, managed just that.

Last Christmas Eve, he led his girlfriend Anna Martin to the cow shed to get her Christmas present, which she'd been told was a cow (as you do in Tyrone).

Anna told Mashable: "As we were walking across the yard I saw a cow and calf in the shed and questioned if that was my calf (because I knew it should be bigger)... I had just got the words out and the cow turned around so I could see the writing."

The calf had the words “MARRY ME?” written on its side in spray paint and when Ashley turned, Farrell was already on bended knee with a ring in hand. Obvs, she said yes!

Anna, who amusingly captioned her Facebook post "'Farmer wants a wife'....farmer's getting a wife" said to Mashable: "Ashley is a typical farmer and he would tell you himself he's not a romantic, so it was a very pleasant surprise that he had been so creative!"

The story of her proposal has since gone viral and no wonder - it has everything a great story needs including humour, intrigue and a happy ending.