You know you have something about you when you get a private photo with Donald and Melania Trump and you're the one that is getting all of the attention. 

After winning the prize of Rhode Island Teacher of the Year 2017, Nikos Giannopoulos got to visit the White House and ended up getting a photo with the President and the First Lady. Giannopoulos has since become a viral sensation after posing in the photograph with a black lace fan and wearing and LGBT pride pin on his jacket. 

It turns out the Donald was a fan of both Giannopoulos and the fan. He also gave the green light to use the fan in the photo after someone initially asked Giannopoulos to put it away.

Many assumed that Giannopoulos was intentionally trolling the President but according to the man himself this wasn't the case. He told NPR that he opened out the fan as soon as he entered the Oval Office as he's a "very sassy person" and has been "visibly gay my entire life."

Some people reckoned the photo looked like the poster for a new sitcom.

Giannopoulos made the people of Rhode Island proud.