That wonderful moment when you look back fondly at old photos of your child and realise that he resembles a famous movie star. 

Shannon Bihamta posted a photo of her baby boy on Reddit earlier this week, along with the simple headline: “My son used to look like Danny DeVito,”

There's really no denying the resemblance. 

Bihamta told The Huffington Post that she took the picture a year and a half ago when her son was about six months old. 

“He’s such a happy and smiley little guy,” she said. “I was trying to take smiling photos for the grandparents and then this picture happened.”

Shannon saw the Danny DeVito resemblance as soon as she looked at the photo and her friends and family agreed, nicknaming the child, "Baby DeVito" 

She came across the photo again this week while going through old photos and still got a laugh out of it so decided to pass on the joy by posting it on Reddit.

“I hoped to spread some laughter and bring a little break from the political posts.” she said. 

Sadly, Shannon confirmed that eighteen months on, baby Logan no longer resembles the Always Sunny in Philadelphia star. 

“He doesn’t look so much like Danny Devito anymore,” she said. “But he’s still entertaining and a huge sweet heart.”