Starbucks has definitely generated a lot of loyal customer over the years (at the same time as it is edging ever-closer to world domination through caffeinated addictive products), but this guy has definitely outdone them all.

The gentleman in question refused to leave a branch in a shopping centre in Hong Kong’s Chai Wan district. The city has been preparing for Super Typhoon Haima's arrival, in the meantime experiencing severe flash floods.

This particular Starbucks branch was also flooded. One of their customer’s heeded the words of The Script’s beloved song and became the man who can’t be moved:

The picture has over 12,000 likes and was shared 2500 times (at the time of writing). The internet is calling him ‘Starbucks Uncle.’

The picture's photographer, Kristy Chan, told the BBC she was taking photos in the shopping centre to show her family how bad the flooding was, when she came across the man.

‘It was quite funny,’ she told BBC, ‘Maybe he already has that many life experiences so the flood didn't bother him at all.’

Social media lovers adore the photograph and it has inspired several follow-up photoshopped pictures ('I'm not moviiiiiiiiiiiin...'):




Via Mashable