How can a picture of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews save you money, you ask? Quite simple, really.

A Twitter user, calling himself @MrDanielCabral, put a picture of an angry-looking Terry Crews in his wallet looking all judgey and angry. The idea is simple - any time you open your wallet to spend it on something stupid, Terry Crews is looking at you and judging you on your decision.

It's like having a super-powered version of your Dad's glare when you tell him how much you spent on a new pair of shoes / television / night out / a pizza but a really good one.

Terry Crews In A Wallet must work because the original tweet has since been shared over 196,000 times in the space of a day. What's more, people having been sending the original poster images of them doing the same thing.

Need help with saving? TERRY CREWS HAS SUPER SAVING POWWWWERRRRRRRRRR. (Context, in case you think we're having a breakdown or something)