We've seen some interesting listings on AirBnB in the past but this one tops the lot. 

The accommodation website is hosting a competition for guest to spend a night in their most unique listing yet, a shark tank. 

(Photo by AirBnB)

The listing is located in the Aquarium de Paris where guests would stay in a 'room' located in a tank that is ten metres deep and submerged in 3 million liters of water. All that separates you from the other residents of the aquarium is a 360 degree transparent wall. 

Part of the competition involves a private tour of the aquarium with world record-breaking freediver, underwater photographer, and shark enthusiast, Fred Buyle.

After your tour you'll be treated to a private and unique dining experience in the tank before bed time. 

(Photo by AirBnB)

If you're brave enough, you can enter the competition here