It's probably safe to say that when Deanna Pilling sent the above selfie to her daughter she didn't expect it to go viral within days. 

Pilling's daughter McKenna was preparing to move out of her dorm after concluding her first year at Utah State University, so Deanna decided to pay her a surprise visit and help with the packing. Of course it didn't go exactly as Deanna anticipated. 

Upon arriving in her daughter's dorm, she decided to take a rest on her daughter's bed and sent her a selfie asking where she was. When McKenna replied that she was in her dorm, naturally enough Deanna got a little bit worried. 


When she realised her mistake, Deanna felt sick to her stomach and rushed out of there before she got caught trespassing. She probably hoped that this would be a story that would remain between her daughter and a few friends but unfortunately McKenna's tweet about the situation has since been retweeted 13,000 times. 


Daughters eh?

Via Buzzfeed