Don't worry, he's absolutely fine.

In fact, the turtle survived without a scratch or a dent. The windscreen, on the other hand, that's gone for sure. Let's backtrack this a little bit.

Nicole Marie Bjanes was travelling down the Interstate 4 (that's what they call motorways in the US, by the way) in Florida when a turtle smashed through her windscreen at 80mph. How exactly that happened, we're not entirely sure.

The images Ms. Bjanes posted on Facebook have now been shared over 9,000 times since the incident occurred.

According to Ms. Bjanes, she believed she hit the turtle and propelled it through the windscreen, but we're going to believe that the turtle had developed the power of flight and she drove into him mid-air.

Needless to say, Ms. Bjanes was shook up by the huge crash and pulled over. Thankfully, both she and the turtle were fine. What's more, Ms. Bjanes wanted to keep the turtle following the incident, however the EMT returned the turtle to nearby water.


Via Facebook