Look at it. Look at it with your eyes.

Convicted woman-beater Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, who's currently being hunted by Argentine law officials for an outstanding arrest warrant are at Coachella.

This is them together. See how Chris Brown is pretending to punch Justin Bieber.

Note also the whispy hair that Bieber has above his lip, that hat and Chris Brown's multi-coloured hair.

This photo represents all that is wrong with celebrity culture. It is a testament to how awful these two people are in every conceivable way. There is nothing good about this photo.

Folks, if this photo doesn't evoke some kind of visceral reaction, check yourself.

We're not talking foaming at the mouth angry, either. Anything will do. Roll your eyes. Snort with derision. Think to yourself, "God, what a pair of bell-ends." Anything.

We hate everything this photo stands for. When we need to get into the zone, y'know, get really angry? This photo will rise up in our mind's eye.

Look again. Oh yeah. It's on now.

Seriously, f*ck this photo and everything it stands for.

It's awful. Awful.


Via Twitter