As you may or may not know, Mother's Day is on March 6th and already, stationers and the like are filling up with cards and the like.

Over the years, cards have become a little bit more salty and bit more risqué, but you'd imagine Mother's Day is one of those holidays that doesn't lend itself to it. Right?

No, actually, it turns out you can make Mother's Day weird as shit for everyone pretty simply. Just check out the freak-show of a card.


That's a real card available to buy in a shop, presumably somewhere in the English-speaking world. That went through a manufacturing process, a design process, somebody looked at this design, nodded and said, "Sure, print that thing out and ship it."

It went through all those processes and at no point in that time did anyone stop and think, "Hey, this is actually really, really weird." Maybe they thought it - but nobody spoke up.

What the f*** is wrong with people? Honestly.


Via Twitter