Do you have a spare €82,599 lying around? Great, you can afford this TV.

LG and Arnotts have partnered for the launch of the LG 105UC9 TV, which is officially the largest TV one can buy in Ireland. At 105 inches, it works out to €786.65 per inch.

The TV, which was displayed in Harrods of London for all of last month, is a mammoth in both size and technology. The TV comes with 5K resolution, an eye-watering resolution 5120 x 2160 pixels, 3D functionality and 7.2 audio with speakers made by high-end manufacturers Harman/Kardon.

Here's a few badly-constructed pictures that we took that doesn't even begin to capture the immensity of this thing.

We didn't have a banana for scale.


You can see it in the front window of Arnotts, if you fancy.




At €82,599, we think it's a damn steal. Just imagine watching the Late Late Show on this. It'd be like Ryan Tubridy's actually in the room with you.

You could practically taste the Brylcreem and Brut exuding from his mahogany form with this thing.