We all know how important a good debs dress is, or as they call it over on the other side of the pond, your prom dress. The photos of this one outfit will crop back up in your life when you least expect it, so you want to make sure you look semi-decent for your big night.

Nowadays of course you can shop for the frock from the comfort of your own home, although, it does come with its hazards, as one unlucky 17-year-old girl from Colorado discovered.

Juliet Jacoby saw her dream dress online on RoseGal.com, and purchased it for the tidy sum of $35 (€31.50), thinking she had found quite the deal. For that price, she probably should have been suspicious, but the dress did look downright amazing on the model.

Turns out the real life version of it though was, eh, not so much.

Thankfully Juliet saw the funny side however, and her pictures have now gone viral...

Juliet told Seventeen.com; "When I opened the package, I gasped and was shocked by how ugly it was. I cursed a little, and I was floored on how it looked nothing like the picture I saw! I FaceTimed my friend and she laughed because it was so ugly.

"I tried the dress on and the zipper was broken," she said. "I waited in front of the garage door to see what my mom's reaction was, and all she did was stand there with the most shocked face for about five seconds, then burst out laughing.

"I have learned my lesson and will probably not trust a lot of the online websites for prom dresses."

While there are some online sites that can be trusted, do your research first, and if looks like too good a deal to be true, it probably is.