It’s still another 20 days until Halloween is here but true fans are definitely psyched for the season already.

One of  the holiday’s beloved traditions is pumpkin carving, and no doubt this year will be more creative and competitive than ever.

To get the ball rolling, this neat design popped up on Reddit.

You know how pumpkins tend to not be perfect when you buy them, but often have little blemishes or spots that inevitably get cut away in the jack-o-lantern design? Well, Reddit user, and, presumably, cat enthusiast, bisoninthefreezer decided to use a blemish on their pumpkin to create a picture that is all-too-real for cat owners.


Makes sense. After all, cats and bats are probably the most associative animals with Halloween. And cat butts are pretty scary.

At the same time though, as several Redditors have pointed out, keeping the pumpkin fresh will be the designer’s next challenge…


Via Reddit