Flying can be stressful for a lot of people and everyone has a their own ways of dealing with said stress. 

These can range from taking some pharmaceuticals or a glass of wine to bringing your comfort blanket/teddy on the flight with you (don't you judge us, we'll STARE DOWN your judgement). Whatever helps you overcome your fears is fair game. Provided it's legal, of course. 

A tried and tested method for dealing with the stress can be to make sure to sit beside an experienced flyer so as to absorb their calmness. One person took this method to the next level, bringing along the most experienced flyer they knew. Their duck, Daniel. 

Not only was he bringing calm to his owner but to those around him, including the man who live tweeted his experiences with Daniel.

For those of you worried that allowing a duck to roam around a plane is most unhygienic, then take a deep breath. Daniel was wearing a nappy at all times.

Daniel apparently can not actually fly himself but it's clear he felt very much at home on the plane, looking out at the clouds.

We genuinely can't express how badly we want a Daniel of our own.