Is there anything we wouldn’t do for our pets? The simple answer is no, no there is not.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes run The Mr Mo Project, a dog rescue that seeks foster homes for sick and senior animals.

They have come to own eight dogs of their own, which is all well and good, except that they like to sleep with the couple on their bed.

The solution to their problem came from Michael’s Custom Interiors who designed for them a 14 foot long and 7 foot wide bed. It holds two mattresses and is twice the size of a king-size bed. It even has stairs that the dogs can go up and down.



As you can see, the result is simply adorable.

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Chris told Metro: ‘We are sleeping very well. Each one of the dogs has his or her spot and it makes it easy now.

‘They love it, they love the space. While they always want to be as close to us and each other as they can, they respect our space now and we’re all able to get a good night’s sleep.’