A few years back, the Des Kelly shop in Glasnevin, Dublin made headlines for a pretty clever marketing campaign that was worthy of Mattress Mick himself.

You might recall the large banner that was placed over the shop's signage from an anonymous Romeo, imploring the 'girl in the blue mini' whose tired he had changed to call him:


Now, they're up to their old tricks with another 'romantic' banner placement just in time for Valentine's Day.

Instagram user Colin Morris spotted the sign this morning, which encouraged people to 'honk for a horney hunk' (sic) so that the 'girl who works over there --->' will go out with him.

Overlooking their spelling of 'horny', we're guessing that their neighbours won't be too happy about the constant honking that's going to be happening until the banner's taken down.

Still, well played, Des Kelly. Well played.


Meanwhile, in Glasnevin..

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