Everyone will remember the episode of The Late Late Show that has by now gone down in the show's history as one of the most bonkers to date.

One of the highlights of a thoroughly bizarre Valentine's Day special was the look on an audience member's face when she realised that the 'Daniel O'Donnell' that came out on stage was not, in fact, the real Daniel but Marion Rosenstock impersonating him.

Let's have a reminder, just in case you don't remember (and also, because it's brilliant):


Being the nice guy he is, wee Daniel sent out a message to the fan in question, Molly-Kate Sloyan, inviting her to a gig of his so that she could meet him in person.

WELL... the meeting FINALLY has happened as the 23-year-old Molly-Kate has travelled to Killarney - especially from Spain, apparently - to attend Daniel's gig at the INEC tonight.

You'll see pics of the pair of them giddily swinging out of each other below. He's a man of his word, is Daniel.