You might recall that a few months ago, we mentioned how someone came up with an ingenious way of saving themselves money using a picture of Terry Crews.

The basic gist of it was that someone printed off a picture of Terry Crews looking stern and copied it onto a small card that would fit inside a wallet. Every time you open your wallet to buy something stupid, Terry Crews is looking at you and silently judging you for your frivolous and wasteful spending.

The tweet in question went viral and, undoubtedly, it reached the eyes and ears of Terry Crews because Terry Crews knows all and sees all.

Last night, on Facebook, Crews published this image and everyone on the Internet rejoiced with great happiness and glee.


We don't deserve Terry Crews. This world doesn't deserve him and we should be blessing ourselves daily that Terry Crews continues to grace us with his presence. Seriously though, Terry Crews is a god amongst men and we'll fight anyone with our bare hands who says otherwise.

Come see us on 26 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1, if you think that. We'll sort you out, chump.