This time last year, we were all glued to the romance of Stephanie Davis and Irish model Jeremy McConnell on Celebrity Big Brother. A lot has changed for the pair since, with their on again/off again relationship officially over, although Stephanie has recently given birth to their son.

The former Hollyoaks actress was keeping tight-lipped on the name of her new-born, as well as with baby photos, as no doubt she was saving them for a lucrative magazine deal which she got with 'Ok!'.

The magazine hit the shelves today and Stephanie has revealed the baby's name as Caben-Albi George Davis, who arrived into the world weighing 6lb 10oz, at 11:57am on January 13 at Liverpool’s Women’s Hospital.

On his unusual name, Stephanie said, "It’s not actually a name I’d heard before, but it popped into my mind and stuck there. I wanted to give him an unusual name but I also wanted him to be called Albi after my granddad, so I decided to combine the two."

Stephanie also commented on her ex Jeremy's belief that the baby isn't his, saying, "My son is one hundred percent Jeremy’s baby – and a paternity test will prove it. That’s in the process of being arranged, but any tests that happen will be dealt with privately."

"I’ll cope on my own but it makes me sad that I can’t give Caben the happy family life I had. Thankfully, he has my brothers around him and all the love he could ever need from our family."

Despite all of that stress though, Stephanie is doing well and told the magazine, "Every time I look at him I feel like a super hero - I can’t believe that my body produced something so perfect. I’m completely in love with him."

Check out the picture below, while Ok! Magazine is out today.