Donald Trump's the type of guy who inspires responses from just about anyone. You either love him or you hate him.

What's more, those who are in favour or against him are prepared to use big gestures to make their point. At the annual Rose Parade in California, a total of nearly six aircraft took to the sky with gases lined up for a message for the people below.

The skywriters managed to spell out a number of messages in the sky, including TRUMP IS A FASCIST, ANYBODY BUT TRUMP, AMERICA IS GREAT! TRUMP IS DISGUSTING and a link to a website.



This isn't the first time there's been a huge anti-Trump gesture, either. An artist in Portland, Oregon used her own period discharge - yes, really - to paint a portrait of the Republican candidate.

When Trump was hosting Saturday Night Live a few months back, $5,000 was offered to anyone who'd call Trump a racist live on-air. The bounty was won by Larry David, who appeared at the side of the stage and roared "TRUMP'S A RACIST!" in what appeared to be a pre-planned stunt.


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