In recent days, a story about a strange, tiny skeleton that was found in an abandoned mining town in Chile's Atacama Desert 15 years ago has been doing the rounds.

Many believed that the mummified remains, nicknamed 'Ata', was proof of extra-terrestrial life due to its tiny body and conical skull. It was reportedly found wrapped in white cloth and tied with a violet ribbon.

However, it's now been proven after genetic testing taken from its bones that the six-inch skeleton is, in fact, human.

The full analysis - which was conducted in 2013 and only published in full now - reveal that tragically, the remains are that of a baby girl who was either stillborn or died immediately after birth (perhaps up to 40 years before her remains were found) due to her malformations.

Professor Garry Nolan of Stanford University, who conducted the research, said: "While this started as a story about aliens, and went international, it’s really a story of a human tragedy. A woman had a malformed baby, it was preserved in a manner and then ‘hocked’ or sold as a strange artefact. It turns out to be human, with a fascinating genetic story from which we might learn something important to help others. May she rest in peace.”

Mystery solved... for now. #thetruthisoutthere

Via The Guardian