Saoirse Ronan, Oirish actress and two-time Oscar nominee, continues to do us proud.

The Brooklyn star is now promoting her latest film, On Chesil Beach, which centres on a young couple on their honeymoon who remained virgins until their wedding night. As was the case with Ronan’s breakthrough film, Atonement, the writer of the novel the film is based on is Ian McEwan.

Yesterday, the actress hit the red carpet at the premiere of the film at the BFI London Film Festival and she looked just stunning. Taking inspiration from the 1960s-set film, she wore a blue tweed structured minidress with a white collar and cuffs.



On the red carpet, she said: “I hope this film gets people talking about sex and not have it be a taboo thing or something they should be ashamed of, so they can let it be something that can be shared between two people and be an honest thing.

“I think that is really healthy and I do feel people are starting to get to that stage.”

The film has been slated for release on January 19, 2018.