Remember the good old days when you didn't have to worry about the prospect of Donald Trump becoming the most powerful man in the world and instead could just rely on him for insightful commentary about the most shocking celebrity news stories?

No? Oh. Well the year was 2012 anyways and Trump was bizarrely obsessed with the unraveling of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship. Over a period of about a month, Trump sent out a series of tweets that included shade being thrown at Kristen Stewart, advice being given to Robert Pattinson and shameless plugs for his Miss Universe Pageant. 

Gawker recently curated the series of tweets in chronological order and it really does make for some entertaining reading. 

He makes it clear from the very beginning that he's team R Patz all the away.

That's a rhetorical question right?

What a class act.

Expert relationship analysis from the Donald.

It's almost four years later and still no official thank you from Rob. It's almost as if he didn't appreciate the advice?


Poor Brian.

We wonder what Trump thought of the final Twilight movie in the end?

Anyone else really want to get Donald's thoughts on the HiddleSwift and Calvin Harris situation?