Oh dear, Piers Morgan is upset about how the media is treating him and how his dignity has been apparently stripped away by comedians.

But what's worse is that Morgan actually fanned some of this himself, not by generally being Piers Morgan - but actually posting the image that offended him so. Now, for you at home, there's a thing called the Streisand Effect.

The Streisand Effect basically states that if you're embarrassed about something and you try to hide it or have it removed from the internet, it's going to do the exact opposite and will become even more popular. The name comes from Barbra Streisand trying to keep photos of her Malibu home off the internet by sending cease-and-desist letters to everyone who published it.

So, the image that so offended Piers Morgan? Right here, complete with poor old Piers' corresponding tweet.

Yes, Piers, we're very upset for you. Just to add context, the image wasn't shown in the middle of a news report about his fawning interview with Donald Trump, but rather a comedic analysis of it by Rachel Parris on the Mash Report on BBC2.

Here's the piece where it was used.

So, yeah, Piers Morgan and the Streisand Effect. Sounds like a terrible New Romantic band from the '80s.


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