Presumably self-appointed Lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow is at it again... She had some nuggets of wisdom regarding vaginal steaming, and more recently she released her tips on what she would buy would she have to survive on the $29 food stamps that many Americans have to survive on a week (seemingly people weren't impressed that she chose to spend her money on avocados instead of a van full of potatoes). Now she's letting you know what to do to feel happy in your forties. 

But first, here she is looking lovely in her pants. 

So, how can YOU live a healthy life like Gwyneth? You know, without having the added bonus of lots of disposable cash and therefore potentially having your every whim met and the resources to chow down on the best food money can buy? Three simple things - "Exercise, Laughing, Having Sex."

Gwyneth's having sex, everyone, and she wants you to know about it! Ah no, as it happens, she's right. Exercise will make you happy. People who laugh are more attractive, so they wind up having more sex. Which makes them happy. 

Gwyneth alone has single-handedly cracked Life, the Universe and Everything. And it's NO coincidence that she did that aged 42...

Douglas Adams fans reading are being bowled over right about now. Everyone else is going "Hah?"

Via People Magazine.