It's never too early to get dressed up for Halloween - and sure when you have calves like Tommy Bowe, it's kind of shame not to have them clad in lycra (digitally enhanced or otherwise) at least a couple of times a year. 

Last night, Bowe posted the below to his Instagram alongside the line: "Avengers Assemble". Indeed they do. Unfortunately there were no further photos chronicling their evening in their respective Iron Man and Captain America onesies, but we can only imagine what japes they got up to in those get ups. Extra points go to Jackson for having the Barbie Doll pose down pat. 

Of course, Paddy is no stranger to dressing up as a superhero... here he is - celebrating a birthday - dressed in a rather more roomy Spiderman costume... in front of a Batman cake. IMAGINE the disappointment. He captioned it: "If I wanted a Batman cake I would have put on my Batsuit."

Kick off on Sunday against Argentina is at 1pm at the Millennium Stadium.