Don't kid yourself Jimmy, if a Teddy Bear ever got the chance he'd kill you and everyone you care about. 

Ok that was from The Simpsons and they were talking about cows rather than Teddy Bears but the same principle applies. Teddy Bears are dangerous people! The Norwegian Heart and Lung Association has taken it upon themselves to warn the world.

Alright let's be serious for a second, Teddy Bears do in fact present a danger. They can collect a sufficient amount of dust to affect a child's health, especially if said child has already been suffering from asthma. However the campaign in which the dangers of Teddy Bears is being presented to the public is pretty hilarious. They've dressed several bears up as some of the most horrific dictators in history, Adolf Hitler, Muammar Gaddafi and Kim Jong-il. Check them out. 



The posters were created by advertising firm, Kitchen. One of their copywriters, Bendik Romstad said that "For children, stuffed animals can be just as dangerous as the world´s worst despots,"

Her colleague, Maren Gimnes added that: “With a simple and clear message combined with a very bold idea we managed to turn LHL Asthma and Allergy from an organization no one knew to being on everyone’s lips. But most importantly, the Norwegian people became aware of a very important fact – that they have to wash their stuffed animals so they don´t become dangerous!” 

Of course the campaign is not without its detractors with many commenting that the campaign softens the image of these mass murderers. 

What are your thoughts? 

Via The Local