When you’re the best-dressed toddler in the world (sorry, Prince George) a taste for high fashion is bound to rub off on you. Also, no matter how much moolah your parents have in the bank, if you are a child with access to a fabulous dressing up box – or in North West’s case, a dressing up wing of her mansion – you are going to test that shiz out.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s three-year-old daughter got hold of her mum’s thigh high Balenciaga boots and even though she couldn’t actually stand up in them, my, she gave it a good aul go.

If we were North’s age, we’re sure we’d have been terrified of those things – it would have been like finding robot legs – but we’re sure North’s come across stranger things chez Kardashian-West.


Via Beaut.ie