Racoons are interesting creatures. They look they could be cuddle and fun but then there's the fangs and the claws to contend with and the little bandit masks around their eyes that make you feel like they're going to rob your house. 

Could they ever live as domestic pet? Apparently, yes. 

Meet Cody, a North American racoon living in Stevenage, England. 


Cody was adopted by 24 year old, Kasey Valentine. Kasey was diagnosed with chronic fatigue as a teenager and then recently with connective tissue disorder which meant that she had to quit her job. Confined to her home she felt lonely and disconnected. Then, four months ago she acquired six months old Cody on Gumtree from a ​local man who was unsure how to care for him. The pair bonded as she weened the young raccoon from milk.


The pair have since become inseparable with Cody helping Kasey meet new people when the pair go out for walks and visits. 



Cody loves outdoor adventures.


But he's also a bit of a gamer.


Most of all though he loves napping.


All of the napping.


And then some.


Cody has been given special immunity from a new EU law which could ban people from keeping raccoons as pets.

“I wrote a very emotional letter to my local MP. He took it further to the Secretary of State for the DEFRA and we received a signed letter from the House of Commons giving us permission to keep him even if this law comes into effect.” she told Buzzfeed.

What a gem of a racoon, 



Via Buzzfeed