One of the greatest injustices in modern Ireland is that McDonald's refuses to deliver food.

Do they not like money? Maybe it's one of those things where they don't want to make tons of money from hungover people because, let's face it, they'd out the door with phonecalls on a Sunday morning.

However, in other parts of the world, McDonald's delivering is a reality and a bright, shining beacon for the future.

This image, shared on Imgur, depicts one such truck that delivers greasy goodness to the people of Melbourne, Australia.

Pretty great, right? There's more. They even have a FERRARI as one of their delivery cars.

"Hello? Yes, I want a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese at my door in the next three minutes or I'm not paying."


Seriously, even a damn scooter service would do us - never mind highline sports car deliveries.

We can but hope and dream for a better world where we can get Big Macs sent to our front door.


Via Imgur / reddit