You'd take in a stray puppy that appeared at your door right? Then why not an abandoned trolley?

An Australian named Andrew Mitchell, found a trolley from stationary and supplies store Officeworks, abandoned in his front garden. After his initial attempts to get the trolley removed by calling the store proved fruitless he decided to make one final attempt by posting to their Facebook page. 

In great detail, he described how he'd taken in the trolley, whom he named Trevor, because he was frightened and unloved. 

"Hi Mr Officeworks, this guy decided to move into my front yard. I don't know his name or what to feed him but he seems to like living here," Mitchell wrote.

"I doubt I can keep him as I have no need for mass transportable storage so i phoned your Werribee store to come and collect him. Three days later he was still at our front door and was getting frightened because he thought you didn't love him anymore."

To help cheer Trevor up, Mitchell took him on a series of escapades which ranged from mowing the lawn: 

to playing with a dollhouse: 


Eventually Officeworks got their act together and came to collect Trevor. A spokesperson for the company said that: 

"Trevor will now undergo intensive counselling to ensure he’s ready to go back to work. He’s asked us to thank Andrew Mitchell for teaching him how to take selfies, mow the lawn & walk the dog and for taking such good care of him."