The Golden Globes went down, for the most part, very successfully last Sunday night, but not all the A-listers you’d expect to be there were in attendance.

Earlier today, we reported how Michael Shannon alternatively decided to spend the night rocking out as Iggy Pop at a live concert.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams was also absent from the ceremony, but she looked like she had a fabulous time at a costume party (admittedly, we’re guessing here, since the caption on her post doesn’t exactly specify where she is) instead.


The post includes the caption: “I could not attend the golden globes this year. Instead, I took this weekend as an opportunity to fulfil all my hopes and dreams by dressing up as my idol, Coraline. Don't @ me #coralineandwybie #DONTEVENTHINKABOUTGOINGOUTSIDECORALINEJONES”

What a hero.