Drake may have looked like he was going to lose lunch from several lifetimes after getting the face worn off him at Coachella, but there are still plenty of nubile young men who would kill to be in his shoes. OK, so maybe not 'kill', but they'd certainly go on a date with Madonna, despite her being a blatant social media stalker. 

The 56-year-old posted the below pic to her instagram of 23-year-old model Andrea Denver, with the caption "Rebel 8 pac!! Hell to the Yeah! *several heart and thumbs up emojis*"

TMZ have their sources, and Andrea is on for giving Madonna a whirl. According to them: "Sources close to Andrea tell us he saw the IG and his reaction was, "I'd definitely go on a date with her." Taking a page out of Drake's playbook ... we're told Andrea also gushed the 56-year-old is 'really attractive' - and he's always been a big fan... Madonna and Andrea have never met, but according to our sources... he's excited there's now a chance. He's hoping she follows through and hooks it up."

See, social media stalking is a productive use of your time. Being Madonna obviously helps. She's still go it, ya hear!