SQUUUEEEE! He's so tiny and cute! So it's little wonder that his baby son turned out the same way (apologies, I'll get the coat). As for all that hysteria over Louis naming his son after a phantom weather event off the coast of Australia, it was needless.

Tomlinson Junior has been given a suitably adorable name. While most fans were gunning for Jacob for some reason, Louis and Briana instead opted for 'Freddie.' We're not sure if they saw the reaction to Sydney Rain and changed their minds, or if it was just the internet doing it's thing. 

Tomlinson posted the below 3 hours ago captioned: "Meet my little lad, Freddie."

I think I speak for everyone by saying "Congratulations, Louis, he is beyond adorable" followed swiftly by "Now please support his head cause you can tell by the brow furrow that liddler wants to look up at his daddy/not have an eyeful of chest hair."