If you ever needed a reminder that parenting is hard work then we've got just the thing for you. 

Whether you're contemplating entering the world of parenthood and want to see what lies ahead for you or else you already own a brood and want to make sure that others are sharing in your misery then you need 'Kids are the Worst' in your life. 

The hashtag #KidsAreTheWorst allows parents to submit photos of their munchkins getting up to all sorts and the best ones are then posted out from the 'Kids are the Worst' official account. 

Here are some of the best gems in the lot. 

He is on a very strict face plant-based diet. #MomsDinnersAreSuperExciting photo thanks to @keiramariehaley #kidsaretheworst

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"I'm full." Why isn't there a face palm emoji?! #TenMinutesLaterIMSTARVING photo thanks to @andigibbs #kidsaretheworst

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