Mammy isn't going to be happy about this. 

Sean Wrightson, from Bradford was tasked with giving his nephew a haircut. It's unlikely he expected his endeavor would get over 8,000 Facebook shares when he embarked on it. Then again it's also unlikely he expected his nephew to ask for the same hairstyle as Wrightson's balding neighbour. 

Being the 'good' uncle he is, Wrightson gave his nephew what he wanted and the results were.......well, em.....

Well it's a unique hair style for a boy under ten that's for sure. The post has had 27,000 reactions since it was uploaded on May 17th. 

Sadly this innovative new 'do' didn't last very long. 


Eventually Wrightson evened out the whole thing. We'll always have the memories though. 

Via Mashable