It’s been a year loaded with the discovery of celeb lookalikes, from Steve from Stranger Things meeting Parks & Rec's Jean-Ralphio, plus doppelgangers to a range of musicians, actors and personalities like Louis Theroux, Ed Sheeran, Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler.

Plus who can forget Leonardo DiCaprio’s slightly rounder and more Russian lookalike?

Well the internet has come through for us again this time revealing to us the doppelganger of Kendall Jenner of Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame.

Her counterpart can be found in Kate Bogucharskaia, a Russian model.

Just take a look at the likeness:


A photo posted by Kate Bogucharskaia (@foxy1kate) on




A photo posted by Kate Bogucharskaia (@foxy1kate) on




A photo posted by Kate Bogucharskaia (@foxy1kate) on


Rumour had it at one point that Kendall was even ‘concerned’ that Kate was booking jobs based on the resemblance.

In the future, we think these people should actually be paid to look like celebrities. It’s only fair. Maybe they can cover for them at photo ops, junkets, etc.


Via Cosmo