Kelly Osbourne is never one to shy away from controversy. Therefore it comes as no surprise that she decided to post a pic of her impersonating a white person, impersonating a black person, captioned "#CallMeRachel #MyCasualLook"

Obviously this sparked quite the debate in the comments section, ranging from "Hahaha love it" and "LOVE this so bloody funny *many smily emojis*‚ some people on here really need to get a sense of humour" to "This is not okay. Or funny", to the more pointed "how is this any different than the patchouli commet Guilana made. Amazing how you can be so selective when it comes to racial statements. very hypocritical!!!!".

Then people got very angry: "Better then your unflattering lavendar/gray hair you sport! It is super hypocritical after you slammed Ransic for her Zendaya comments...smh" and "wow i bet this dirty b*tch praised bruce but the second she makes fun of racheal everyone thinks its all fun and games. its not fair if she can make fucn of racheal then its is 100% to make fun of bruce. yall are a bunch of f*cking hypocrites"

For those of you who have - somehow - managed to avoid the Rachel Dolezal story, she is a white person who identifies as black person. She also happened to be the president of America's National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Spokane.