This is an impressive feat of engineering... All those years of (presumably) playing Jenga in a slightly mashed state at 4am in the morning have really paid off, anyway. 

According to, the pair had spent the weekend (THE WEEKEND) in Scotland to celebrate a friend's birthday. Said friend is a nutritionist, so perhaps the 5 suitcases, the ravel bag, and what appears to be a very sizeable 'travel' pillow and blanket are all filled with nuts and protein balls. 

Either way, the sight of Hince hauling this lot through the airport sparked the following responses from the MailOnline: "Guitarist Jamie Hince knew when he married Kate Moss in 2011 that the supermodel came with a lot of baggage. But perhaps he didn’t appreciate just how much... The 46-year-old member of indie rock duo The Kills could be seen perspiring as he pushed the couple’s numerous designer suitcases through Aberdeen airport after a weekend at the £150-per-night Craigellachie Hotel in Banffshire, where they partied with friends including actress Sadie Frost and rock star Noel Gallagher.

The Cut meanwhile echoed: "We all come with some baggage, but Kate Moss exceeds the rest of us in that department."

In Kate's defence, she's not even in the bleedin picture or tagged in friend Mary Charteris' Instagram post