You know when you're just casually working through your to do list and a tornado comes along and threatens to mess up your whole schedule?

A Canadian man has gone viral thanks to a photo of him casually mowing his lawn while a tornado appeared to be approaching from behind him surfaced online.

Ceceila Wessels captured the photo of her husband as the tornado passed their home in Alberta Canada. 

Wessels spoke with the Times Colonist about the photo and said that she'd gone for a nap when her husband had begun mowing the lawn. She was awoken by her nine year old daughter who was concerned that her father wouldn't come inside despite the fact that a tornado seemed to be travailing perilously close to their home.

Wessels said that the tornado was actually much further away than it appears in the photo and was moving away from them.

"I was keeping an eye on it." her husband Theunis said. 

"It looks much closer if you look in the photo, but it was really far away. Well, not really far, far away, but it was far away from us," he said.

Via Times Colonist