Granted, Jim Carrey hasn't starred in a half-way decent film in years, it's still highly unlikely that he's chucked it all in and gone to Russia.

Right? Like, there's no way that this is actually Jim Carrey. It's just like Spock / Sherlock Holmes says - when you remove the impossible, whatever remains however improbable, is the truth.

Therefore, we must assume that this is Jim Carrey's doppelganger. It has to be. There is no other logical explanation for this image.

The image originally circulated on Pikabu, which is some sort of Russian image-sharing site ala Imgur. A few hours later, the image made its way to Reddit where it's gone viral.

Of course, Russian Jim Carrey isn't the only Russian doppleganger. There's also Russian Leonardo DiCaprio and Russian Ryan Tubridy.

We lied. There is no Russian Ryan Tubridy. THAT WE KNOW OF.


Via Twitter