Yes, you really can get Jeff Goldblum shower curtains.

We didn't have a stroke or something, we're not any more crazy than we usually are. This is really happening, people.

In a world where a vicious, orange-faced psychopath is on his way to becoming the US President, environmental destruction is rampant, government ineptitude and the fact that Ray D'Arcy continues to have a TV show, it's heartening to know that there are some faint, few glimmers of hope out there.

Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtains. What a time to be alive. JEFF GOLDBUM SHOWER CURTAINS, PEOPLE. COME ON.

The curtains, which are available on Amazon, are that of Goldblum's visage cradling a monkey of some kind that's also paired with a nice salmon-coloured scarf. Yes, it's in the depths of January right now and you're probably subsisting on toast and the remains of whatever chocolate's left over from Christmas, but January ends and then, you too will be able to own this masterpiece.

Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtains. It's actually a thing.


Via Amazon / Imgur