If you were worried that now that the awards season is finished it would be the last you'd see of Jacob Tremblay (at least for a little while) well then we're delighted to inform you that you were wrong. 

The Room actor is co-starring in a new gritty reality cop series alongside his father who's a detective in the Vancouver Police Department. The pair will take crime on head on but also make time for donuts. The show will be called Tremblay.


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OK that's not really happening but how great would that be right? Instead, Jacob joined his father Jason and other members of the Vancouver Police Department for a take your kid to work day. 

As he says in the post: "I always bring my Dad to my work, but today I went to his!!!"

Jacob and his dad patrolled the streets of Vancouver, donned intimidating shades and then stopped for coffee and donuts in Tim Horton's because they're cops and they're in Canada. 



If there isn't a Hollywood exec out there thinking that a Cop and a Half remake starring Jacob and his father is a good idea then we give up!