OK, ok, ok, we'll give you a clue - she's due to launch a clothing range in Topshop with her sister. Yep, you know her. She's famous enough to have her own range in TopShop - although perhaps if Kendall just did one on her own it might be more credible - OOOPPS - totally let it slip there.

Indeed this is the face formerly known as as Kylie Jenner (wearing a face previously owned by several Manga characters) courtesy of a recent shoot for LOVE Magazine.

There's nothing more to add that hasn't already been inferred here, so let's just move on to the aforementioned Topshop affiliation. Kendall tweeted the following last night...

If you're not arsed clicking on the link, the contribution is being summarised as "a capsule summer wardrobe, characterised by the girls' LA lifestyle and their contemporary, eclectic design aesthetic." So minimal and mainly consisting of manmade fibres. 

Via Cosmopolitan.com