By now, you may have already seen the image we're talking about, but for those that haven't or don't know what we're on about, here's a quick rundown.

Essentially, this poor fecker has the words 'An Bhfuil Cead Agam Dul Go Dtí An Leaithreas' tattooed on his back around a Celtic cross. That's funny enough by itself, but the guy thinks it means 'You will forever be in my heart'.

Of course, anyone who went to an Irish primary school will tell you that it's actually how you ask someone to go to the bathroom. Here's the image in question.

So, is it actually real or not? Long story short, we can't accurately verify it yet. We've searched Facebook extensively for the image and can't find it anywhere. It's entirely possible the person in question got wind of all of this and decided to delete the original post.

We know the post comes from Australia, as Optus is a mobile carrier based there. Moreover, the redness around the piece itself certainly suggests that it's a real tattoo, as temporary or henna tattoos don't usually discolour the skin around the piece in that way.

The real question, of course, is how stupid does someone have to be in order to get something like this. Could someone get a tattoo like this and NOT realise what it meant? Possibly. We all know people who have tacky-as-hell Chinese / Hebrew / Sanskrit / Arabic lettering tattoos, so why not have an Irish one?

Not only that, it's quite likely that this phrase was given to the tattooed person by an Irish person because - let's face it - you'd do the same in the same situation. You want to get a terrible Irish tattoo? Sure, I'll totally help with that. Here, I'll even write it down for you and everything.

All points suggest that this image could be real, to be honest. The tattoo redness is a giveaway and, yes, people are stupid so that's another reason to think it's real.

What about you? Do you think it's real? Let us know in the comments!