While Uggs are not the most attractive or practical of shoes (especially in our climate), many people swear by how comfy they are. Unfortunately, it would seem that deadly animals think so too.

An eastern brown snake was discovered in an Australian woman’s Ugg boot recently, curled up comfortably against the wool lining.

The snake encountered the woman on Wednesday, which was reportedly a very chilly day, and then disappeared into the shoe.

Snake Catchers Adelaide, who were called in to handle the situation, as the eastern brown snake has deadly venom, posted a picture of the cosy snake on Facebook and removed the animal from the boot.

Snake Catchers Adelaide manager Rolly Burrell said: ‘We picked up the shoe, tipped it out and dropped it into the bag. It was pretty easy to do.’

Woody from Toy Story would have found the incident hilariously ironic.


Via Mashable