While we can all agree that the future King of England, Prince George, is a very cute child, he makes a strange cake.

In fact, why would you even want a life-size cake of Prince George? Who specifically requests that? And how do you go about eating it?

Do you just break the head off and starting chowing down or do you carve it all up, piece by piece? We're pretty sure there's some massive Freudian psychology going on here about eating a life-like cake.

Lara Mason of Tasty Cakes, however, is no stranger to making strange cakes. According to her Facebook, she's already created a near life-size replica of Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, Iron Man's helmet and even a dartboard. Yes, an actual dartboard made up of cake. Because that's a normal sentence and not something you'd murmur in your sleep.

Her latest creation, however, is haunting. Especially the progress pictures.

Imagine turning up to your birthday party and THAT'S the cake.


Oh God...




It's like it's about to turn its head slowly and look right at you.


"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?", it asks, in the voice of James Earl Jones.


Yeah, while we can agree that it takes an incredible amount of talent and sculpting to do this, this is just pure nightmare fuel in every possible way imaginable.

The cake, as its creator Lara Mason, says is not for consumption as it's a show cake. That still doesn't help, in fairness. The issue of eating isn't the problem, it's the fact that we think it's going to become sentient and chase us around with a meat cleaver.

Like, it's creepy and you can't say that it's not creepy. Is it creepy? It is, isn't it? Vote in our poll and decide.


Via Facebook