Google has been busying capturing images of streets all around the world these last few years, and now it's taken to the waters of the great Loch Ness in Scotland in search of its famed monster.

The company sent a boat out with a Street View camera attached along with a deep sea diver to see if they could capture Nessy lurking about anywhere, and one picture in particular has shown up something conspicuous....

A Google spokesperson told The Telegraph; "We were surprised by this sighting too, when we pointed out a strange, lumpen object floating on the loch's surface. "Is it a log, a bird or... the monster?!"

Eh, it's Nessy. Obvs. Coming up to say hello, he probably had plans with Sasquatch.

You may have also noticed the Google Doodle today, which is paying homage to the 81st anniversary of the most memorable yet ultimately fake picture of the Loch Ness Monster to date (in main image).