You might recall Eminem? The rapper behind such hit songs as ‘Lose Yourself’, ‘Stan’, ‘The Real Slim Shady’ and ‘Without Me’?

Well he has resurfaced through the aul social media, and while the artist is best-known to fans for his signature blonde hair and pretty much blemish-free, hair-free face, he’s been looking a bit different lately.

Not only is his hair looking darker but, shocker, he now has a beard.







One Tweeter pointed out how Eminem actually foretold of beards growing in strange times (and 2017 has been a pretty strange year) on his album The Eminem Show, quoting the lyrics “’Til we grow beards, get weird and disappear into the mountains, nothin’ but clowns down here”:


Another pointed out a likeness he now shares with another musician:


Back in 2014, a fan claimed to have gone through over 5,000 Eminem photos only to come across just a handful in which he’s displaying only a small amount of facial hair:


Too. Weird.